I haven’t posted in a long time. I landed a job as subject matter expert and project manager at a lifeboat simulation development company. I traded work boots, shipyards and a passport for an office chair, emails, meetings about strategic planning and product development. Little-by-little, I got caught up in the Rat Race and for a long time I’ve […]

I was recently afforded the opportunity to visit the Ryan Kelly Disney Land.  There were no booths, no roller coasters and certainly no long lines of tourists, although there was no shortage of people or action. From the top floor of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club you cannot help but have your gaze  drawn (from […]

The cruise ship is the diva of the sea.  She is 75% hotel, 25% ship (percentage varies depending on the cruise line) and when she goes into dry dock she is 100% high maintenance.  Supporting every gleaming cruise ship is the little known cruise ship support industry, which is comprised of an unlikely group of […]

Between October 2010 and October 2011 I spent nearly 300 days on the road.  I logged over 100k Air Miles, visited Alaska, Asia, and made my way from Portugal to Denmark in 6 days.  I had a company credit card, a Blackberry and was just as likely to respond to any of my 100+ emails […]

I’d like for you to picture a dying shipyard. Picture a quiet neighbourhood occupied by design studios, architectural offices, small cafes, speakeasies, quintessential loft apartments and open-concept condos with glass exterior walls all of which wrap around a shipyard. Picture what was once the largest shipyard on the Western Seaboard and a leader in heavy […]

In June 2010 I opened an Areoplan account; since then I have been all over North America, the Caribbean, Europe and parts of Asia. I have been in hundreds of lifeboats, sailboats, coach boats, 30+ cruise ships, oil tankers, support vessels, shipyard cranes, dozens of taxis, trains, subway cars, and even on a bicycle with […]

In January 2013 I was approached by the Cadet Program to write supporting documentation for Sail Canada’s newly launched CANSail Program.  At first it appeared as though it would be a simple copy and paste exercise from previously developed documents, however as I got into the content I found myself researching new references and relying heavily on my […]

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